Rob Shepherd

Rob  Shepherd lives in Essex with his wife, son, daft dog and grumpy old cat.

Rob Shepherd
Rob Shepherd – image courtesy of Rob’s Amazon page

His books to date include “Life With Boris Karloff!”, “Sofiah”, “Stripped Unconsciousness” and “The Grays Anatomy” and his work has featured in many anthologies including “Dark light 2” (by S.J. Davis), “Liphar – Short Stories Vol.1” and “Unleash The Undead” (Collated & Edited by Samie Sands).

Rob has also written scripts for several short films, such as Silentwood Films’ “Sofiah” and other forthcoming short films, as well co-writing the forthcoming horror “Dead Lies” along with director Gary Spate.

Rob is working on many more new books, scripts, films & projects and is scheduled to appear in several new horror anthologies due for release between September 2014 & December 2015 as well as releasing further books of various genre.

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