Barrie Hyde

Barrie Hyde is the author of the espionage thriller “A Higher Authority”.¬†Having survived the perils of the commercial world for 33 years, Barrie started writing as a cathartic response to being put on the scrap heap by his employers.

Realizing that if writing was to become a second career, he decided he should learn about the craft and joined the local writers circle. They have been inspirational in turning whatever talent he has into some semblance of order!

Barrie Hyde
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Barrie is also a frustrated rock star, but due to lack of talent decided to put that ambition on the back burner. He did¬†however present “The 70s Album Show” on BBC Radio for nine years.

Married to Suzanne, an actress, he has two grown up children: Luke, who works in the telecommunications industry and Rachel, who is also an actress. Luke has flown the nest but due to the transient nature of the acting business, Barrie needs to sell a lot of books in order that his wife and daughter can fulfill their ambitions. Retired from football and rugby (not that he was any good), he is the proud owner of a scruffy mutt named Kate.

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