Day 8

Crack A Smile

Advent8Christmas crackers, known as bonbons in the USA, are possibly unique in being the only part of the festive season which are universally derided but still purchased by just about everyone. We ridicule the hats and pour scorn on the gifts but it is the joke which attracts the most interest.

Traditionally the cracker joke is held to be the most appalling example of humour known to humanity. But is it?

In November this year the Telegraph printed a list of the best cracker jokes. One of which was:

“What is Good King Wenceslas’ favourite type of pizza?”

Answer: One that is deep pan, crisp and even.

Eight years ago the same newspaper looked at the worst cracker jokes and the same joke, albeit with Santa instead of Wenceslas, was voted the absolute worst.

If you have a better (or worse) joke, why not email it to us.

Source/ Further information:

The Telegraph – 50 Best Christmas Cracker Jokes