Day 23

Top Toy

Advent23We at Tamworth LitFest all like a book for Christmas. While children like a good story too, they also love their toys. Every year, toy manufacturers hope to produce the must-have Christmas toy. And every year, kids live in hope that Santa will deliver this toy.

Here’s a reminder of what toys were the key to childhood dreams in years gone by.

1985 – Optimus prime – the transformer from the cartoon. One minute it was a robot, the next a truck, and then a robot again, and a truck, a robot, truck, robot, truck, robot …… no prizes for guessing what comes next.

1987 – Sylvania Families – miniature plastic pets who had their own homes, change of clothes, cars and children.

1991 – Gameboy – was almost 20 times the price of 1990’s Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, but it had a screen and you could play tetris to your heart’s desire. (We can hear the tune now. Can you?)

1992 – Thunderbirds Tracy Island – at long last some class was brought to the shops, albeit 25 years after the stringed superheroes hit the television screen in black and white. BBC’s Blue Peter leapt to the rescue for those who couldn’t afford £35 for a ‘real one’ and you can still use up sticky-backed plastic, washing-up liquid bottles, and empty toilet rolls and make your own!

1998 – Furby – We still don’t really understand the appeal of these interactive fur balls, but they flew off the shelves.

2006 – Nintendo Wii – £150 and a whole bunch of new words are introduced to the language.

So, what is it for 2015? Well, that Star Wars film has hit the big screen very recently, so it’s got to be the Lightsaber. Though round here we reckon the smart money is on Tamworth Street Names and Tamworth Pub Names. Get them while you can!

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