Day 20

Marvel-ous Christmases Past

Advent20We suspect that most people probably don’t answer the question “What does Christmas mean to you?” by talking about robots, dragons, monsters and superheroes, but that’s to sidestep the very similar question of “What does Christmas mean to Marvel Comic fans?”.

Yes, not even Spider-Man, Ant-Man, the Fantastic Four and the Avengers can avoid the annual seasonal gatecrash into our lives that is Christmas.

Back in 2009, Comics Alliance recognised this phenomena and put together a list of their eight favourite Marvel Comics holiday specials.

So, if murderous Santa Claus-alike the Punisher is your thing, then you’d really like the “Marvel Holiday Special” (1993).

Maybe the thought of Spider-Man beating up Santa (the Puppet Master in disguise) floats your boat. That’ll be “Spider-Man’s Tangled Web” #21 (2002) for you.

Here at LitFest, we don’t like to judge, we just like a good story. And Christmas is for everybody!

Source/ Further information:

Comics Alliance – The Holly and the Spidey: Our 8 Favourite Marvel Holiday Specials!