Day 19

Christmas Dinner

Advent19Read most recipe books and you’ll discover how Christmas dinner, at least in the UK, is traditionally goose. Turkey is a comparatively recent thing and quite inedible until the bird was brought back from its native Americas. But what meats do other nations bring to the table? (Vegetarians and vegans may want to look away now.)

Austrians dine on fried carp, as do the Czech Republic and Poland.

In Denmark two in three families enjoy duck.

Germans could find themselves eating goose or carp.

Portugal opts for the traditional dried and salted cod.

Icelanders, who eat their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, have a broad selection to choose from. Amongst those dishes which may be considered specialities are reindeer and ptarmigan.

Norwegians enjoy pork as do Romanians.

Finland’s tradition is the variety, although a ham is nearly always among the selection.

Canada, USA, Honduras, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland and Peru all opt for turkey.

Yet the most unusual must be in the land of the Rising Sun. In Japan chicken has been incredibly popular since the 1970s. Yet this is not any old chicken, it has to be from KFC, with reservations taken months in advance.

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