Day 16

Let It Snow!

Advent16Irving Berlin may have been dreaming of a White Christmas, but for some of us the thought of snow just means chaos. Considering snow is simply frozen water, it does attract a lot of attention and a lot of comments. For example:

“Every snowflake is unique.”

This is actually true, but if you think they all appear like miniature paper doilies, think again. This image is of the crystal of ice, of which there are few variations. However the flakes we see are haphazard clumps of these crystals and undoubtedly unique. Furthermore snow is not pure water, for at the centre of every crystal is a speck of dust.

And the classic….

“The Inuit have more than 50 different words for snow.”

Some sources say a hundred or more words and this is absolutely true. However these words do not describe different types of snow, the different words exist because there so many different dialects among the Inuit peoples there are just as many different words for just about everything else.

Source/ Further information:

Discover – Twenty Things You Didn’t Know About… Snow