Day 15

Sci-Fi Christmas

Advent15So what do you give the sci-fi fan in your household for Christmas?

Well, a good book would tick one box. But if you want to tick a few more, then why not get them a Christmas oriented sci-fi book, or three. Or even ten.

Yes, just because you’re surrounded by mince pies and tinsel, it doesn’t mean you can’t throw in a bit of Wolfsbane and Mistletoe. And even though you’ll be celebrating Christmas with your loved ones at home (hopefully), that shouldn’t stop A Yuletide Universe of celebrations too.

So, you may want to check out the ten Christmas based sci-fi books the science, technology, art, culture, design, and metaphysics website Omni Reboot have recommended for the Sci-Fier in your life.

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Omni Reboot – Ten of the Best Sci-Fi Christmas Books to Put Under Your Tree