Day 14

Bah! Humbug! A Shakepearean Christmas

Advent14If you’re after a Christmas quote or two, you’d think William Shakespeare would be the go-to guy. After all, he’s cornered the market in quotes for just about everything else in the English language (though maybe his thoughts on blogging are a bit thin on the ground).

However, the Bard didn’t really have much to say about Christmas. Only three quotes in total, did he pen. Why so? Well, in Elizabethan England, the main Christian festival was Easter. Whereas, Christmas was a less-important twelve day festival known for pageants put on at the Royal Court and by churches for townspeople.

It wasn’t until some 200 years after Shakespeare’s death that Christmas was popularised in Britain by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, importing a bunch of German traditions, that we now take for granted.

In fact, Shakespeare didn’t much care for New Year either, though that is because the Gregorian calendar didn’t come into use in Britain until 1752. A man of his times, indeed.

Source/ Further information: – Shakespeare New Year and Christmas Quotes