Day 11

Ghost of Christmas Future

Advent11Christmas is a time when we are likely to see the word ‘tradition’ written more than any other, with the exception of ‘Christmas’.

Traditional Christmas dinners where we pull traditional crackers; traditional pantos after traditional plum pudding; and traditional television films and specials, not forgetting the traditional Queen’s Speech. Very few of these ‘traditions’ are overly traditional and one wonders what will be seen as ‘traditional’ in decades to come.

In 2002, one Ian Pearson peered into his virtual crystal ball to see what was written on the wall for Christmas of the future. He foresaw a walking-talking Barbie (that’s the doll, not the grill), intelligent clothes for adults (not so intelligent they can wash, dry and iron themselves, apparently) and robotic kitchens will be producing synthetic turkeys. Good news for both turkeys and vegetarians.

Is he going to be right? Only time will tell.

Source/ Further information:

BBC News – Christmas Day 2002