Peel Society Showcases ‘Peel In Caricature’ – Author Book Signing

LitFest is pleased to announce that we’ve been invited to co-host an event with The Peel Society and author Dr Richard Gaunt at Tamworth’s historic Town Hall.

Tamworth Town Hall
Tamworth Town Hall – copyright TMC Photographs –

The event, on Tuesday 13th October between 7:00 and 9:00pm, will showcase the book “Peel in Caricature: The ‘Political Sketches’ of John Doyle” – edited by Dr Gaunt – which contains 149 hand coloured prints by the 19th century caricaturist ‘HB’ (John Doyle), 147 of them with an image of Sir Robert Peel.

Dr Gaunt, Associate Professor of Modern History at Nottingham University, will make a presentation on the caricatures and his interpretation of them, after which the event will be opened up to questions from the audience. Hopefully, there will be some lively debate around the political and social issues raised, not to mention the characters of Peel, the caricaturist John Doyle and their contemporaries.

Entrance to the event at the Town Hall, outside which stands a statue of Peel, is priced at £3 and tickets are available on the door. Refreshments will be provided and hardback copies of the book, priced at £40, will be available to purchase.

Member of LitFest and the Peel Society will be available at the event should you wish to find out about future events and information for either organisation.

About the Book

Book: Peel In Caricature ‘The Political Sketches of John Doyle'
Peel In Caricature ‘The Political Sketches of John Doyle’

Edited by Dr Richard Gaunt, it gives an illuminating introduction to the sketches and their place in the political history and art history in the first half of the C19th. Each sketch is accompanied by text which identifies the figures in each plate and gives a background to the politics at play behind each image. Alongside the caricatures of Peel we find other major political figures such as Wellington, Grey, Brougham, Melbourne, Palmerston and Russell.

What reviewers are saying:

…while the focus is on Peel, the brilliant conservative politician who dominated the politics of these decades, the other leading figures of the age – Wellington, Grey, Brougham, Melbourne, Palmerston and Russell – make numerous and memorable appearances. This is a book to be enjoyed and savoured by anyone with even a passing knowledge of British politics of the 1830s and 40s, and we will never look at the period in quite the same way again.

Catching the spirit of past ages can be difficult, but this book, with its high production standards, delightful images, and thoughtful text offers a fine view of high politics in the 1830s and 1840s.

Map of venue and nearest car park


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